3 Razones por lo que tu piel amara los antioxidantes.

3 Reasons why your skin will love antioxidants.

Of all the organs in our body, our skin is the largest organ of all. Consequently, the skin is susceptible to an onslaught of toxins, free radicals, and damaging SPF rays. All of these things can effectively damage skin cells, resulting in potential health problems and a faster rate of aging. In fact, everyday air pollution can contribute to premature aging and sagging, and can increase pigmentation and age spots by up to 20%.

Fortunately, skin care products that contain antioxidants can help protect us. Antioxidants are naturally occurring substances that inhibit potentially harmful oxidation that occurs in the skin. Good skin care products that contain antioxidants limit the production of free radicals in the skin and can reduce the signs of aging by increasing tightness, suppleness, and overall skin tone.

Three of the benefits that antioxidants can have for the skin:


Skincare brands with anti-inflammatory components soothe the skin and help reduce inflammation. Certain antioxidants, such as alpha lipoic acid and others found in green tea, can help increase skin circulation and cell metabolism. Plus, the anti-inflammatory properties can help keep acne and wrinkles at bay and can even help improve the evenness of skin tone.


As people age, their skin begins to loosen and sag. In fact, the elasticity of the skin decreases between 0.55% and 1% per year in humans. To prevent this, organic skin care products that contain firming antioxidants can effectively reverse the effects of aging and leave skin supple and firm.


Every skincare routine should work to prevent sun damage from damaging SPF rays. Choose skin products with SPF and restorative antioxidants like Vitamin C and EGCG extract. While it's nice to have one or the other in your skin products, having both will properly protect and restore sun-damaged skin at the same time.

Your skin is your largest organ and the window to the world of who you are. Treat it, and yourself, well with good skin care products that contain antioxidants.
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