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Hydrating and moisturizing your skin is not the same. What you need

Your skin needs to be well hydrated to function better and absorb the active ingredients you put on it. Whatever your skin type, it is essential that you maintain proper hydration inside and out.

When we refer to the concept of Hydration , we are talking about introducing water to the skin. This is undoubtedly a challenge, since the skin is covered by a layer of sebum, sweat and external cells (oils).

Oil repels water (if water easily hydrates the skin, anyone who bathes would not suffer from dehydration). However, there are effective products to fulfill these processes, designed to attract water to the upper layers of the skin, such as: Oxygen Mask, Oil Free Moisture Creme , HA Boost , and Vita Protect Skin . They will ensure a healthy, strong and hydrated skin barrier.

Now, when we refer to the word Moisturize in Skin Care, we talk about Sealing in Hydration; that is, create a layer on the skin so that water does not evaporate into the environment in excess.

The best products to moisturize are creams. We can recommend the following: Ultra Moisture Day/Night Creme , Intensive Night Creme and Vitamin C

It is recommended that you take into account that you must first hydrate your skin and then moisturize it.

The day and night routines vary by a few steps. For the day it is important that you meet the following objectives in this order: Clean, Hydrate, moisturize, To protect of Sun Y the pollution . However, at night you must follow this order: Clean up, Correct, Nourish, Hydrate Y Moisturize.

At night our skin loses more water through evaporation than during the day. That's why you shouldn't forget to seal the hydration in your skin well at night. This will help you wake up with well-hydrated and luminous skin.

Surely you have ever seen that there are creams that say "night cream" and you will wonder what the difference is with day creams. Night creams are designed with a greater amount of ingredients to seal in hydration, which is why they tend to be “heavier”. However, you don't need to have 2 different creams if you don't want to. Thinking of you, we created our: Ultra Moisture Day/Night Creme

We are entirely at your disposal so that you can achieve everything you dream of in your facial hydration.

Hydrating and moisturizing your skin is not the same. What you need
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