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What should you know about sunscreen?


While almost everyone enjoys spending time outdoors, many people believe that sunscreen is optional. As dermatologists, we know that you should always wear sunscreen outdoors. Still, it's important to understand the full reasons and all the benefits of using sunscreen to inform our customers' practices.


Light comes in a wide spectrum of wavelengths, with shorter wavelength light having higher energy. The light emitted by the sun does not only contain visible light; rather, it also contains ultraviolet (UV) light, which has more energy. Ultraviolet light can be divided into subcategories: UVA (long wavelength), UVB (medium wavelength), and UVC (short wavelength).

All three types of ultraviolet light have dangerously high amounts of energy, and when the skin is exposed to these wavelengths, it causes sunburn and irritation. Even when the skin is not burned, long-term exposure to high-energy light in both the UV and visible regions of the spectrum causes the skin to show more signs of aging, such as hyperpigmentation, lines and wrinkles, and can also significantly increase the risk of skin cancer.

Fortunately, sunscreen can prevent and, in some cases, reverse these negative effects of sun exposure. Sunscreens contain ingredients designed to repel light in different regions of the spectrum, whether UV or visible. This protects against damage and preserves the skin's health in the long term.


We could have a long discussion about the benefits of certain ingredients and the dangers of others, but these are not ultimately what makes the best sunscreen. Instead, we believe that the best sunscreen is the one that someone scoops out of the bottle and puts on.

People avoid using sunscreen for various reasons. Some people don't like the smell and others are rightfully concerned about the safety of certain ingredients. But whatever the reasons, using sunscreen is essential for skin health. Even "dangerous" additives in sunscreens are usually not as dangerous as no sunscreen at all.

Essentially, it doesn't really matter which sunscreen a person uses, as long as they use one.


Since wearing sunscreen is so important, it helps make quality sunscreen products that people enjoy. If they want to use it, they are much more likely to do so.

At Dermoeffects we have carefully formulated, researched and developed a high quality sunscreen. Our sunscreen offers protection against both UVA and UVB rays, and has a lightweight, tinted formula that goes on smoothly and evenly on the skin. Read more about our sunscreen and what makes our customers love it.

Be sure to always take sunscreen with you, and remember that ideally they should reapply sunscreen every two hours when outdoors. 

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