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Healing our damaged skin isn't over yet, which means it's time to think proactively about a clean, healthy complexion. Here are four tips to help heal overexposed and sun-damaged skin and prepare to renew your beauty.


The skin should be kept clean, especially when it is irritated or sunburned. Dead cells, impurities, dust and environmental pollution can make damaged or irritated skin take longer to heal. It is important to cleanse every day to keep your skin fresh and your pores free of irritants. Exfoliation can also help by preventing dead skin cells from clogging your pores.

We recommend:

Refining Facial Cleanser : A cleansing micro-peel that purifies pores and removes impurities while restoring moisture with 1% extra virgin coconut oil.

Chamomile & Coconut Cleanser : A soothing and hydrating cleanser with panthenol, peptides, and essential oils of chamomile and ginger. Recommended for all skin types.

Dual Action Toner Pads : An exfoliator that uses a combination of alpha and beta-hydroxy acids to penetrate pores, removing dead cells and impurities while soothing with botanical extracts.

Acne Solutions : This product is a quick fix for acne breakouts, it quickly purifies the skin and helps reduce puffiness.


In order for skin to heal, it needs a healthy dose of the right nutrients. Vitamins come in many shapes and sizes, and they are all great for your skin in different ways. Vitamin F helps replace fatty acids for a healthier skin barrier, while Vitamins C and E are excellent antioxidants that promote and protect overall skin health. The B vitamins are also great for keeping skin soft, relaxed, and hydrated.

We recommend:

Multi Action Green Tea Serum – Green tea provides a wide range of nutrients for the skin, and this nutrient-packed serum is great for calming inflammation while soothing and protecting skin with specially extracted green tea and vitamin E.

Vita Protect Skin : Instantly repairs the skin's barrier for better hydration, plus protective antioxidants and regenerating vitamins E and F.


Antioxidants, which include all vitamins, are some of the best nutrients we can give our skin because they protect it from further damage. Whether from ultraviolet light, blue light or environmental pollution, indoor and outdoor sources can cause reactive free radical chemical species to attack and damage the skin barrier. Antioxidants neutralize free radicals before they can do any damage. Sensitive, irritated and damaged skin in particular needs antioxidants to protect it while it heals.

We especially recommend an active antioxidant ingredient called Lipochroman®. Lipochroman® is the strongest antioxidant on the market today, and is the only antioxidant that protects against carbon, nitrogen and oxygen free radicals.

We recommend these products that contain Lipochroman®: Vita Protect Skin , Ultra Moisture Day Night Creme , Lip Boost and Ultra Hydrating Sunscreen SPF 40


Beyond skin care, there are many practices that can be followed to keep skin healthy and clear. A healthy diet can help keep skin nourished, and regular exercise and enough sleep can lower stress levels and reduce breakouts, in addition to many other benefits. As always, be sure to wear sunscreen when you're outdoors, especially if your skin is already sensitive or damaged. We recommend our new Ultra Hydrating Sunscreen SPF 40 , a soothing mineral sunscreen that hydrates and protects with a blend of botanicals, Lipochroman® and zinc oxide sunscreen.


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