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Chamomile Facial Cleanser

Chamomile Facial Cleanser

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Face cleaner

For normal to sensitive skin, a gentle gel cleanser formulated to replenish moisture and nourish skin while removing impurities. Chamomile and ginger essential oils soothe and soothe skin, helping to reduce redness and irritation. Algae peptides firm and smooth skin texture, while brown algae extract removes pollution and makeup.


·Replenishes moisture.
·Excellent for use before and after the procedure.
·Ideal for sensitive, post-procedure, red or irritated skin.
· Does not contain ingredients that clog pores.
· Softens the appearance of fine lines and helps smooth skin texture.
· Sulfate-free: Formulated with non-irritating and non-comedogenic ingredients that do not cause redness or acne breakouts.

Featured Ingredients:

Seaweed Peptides: This botanical extract from the Hawaiian sea delivers a surge of hydration as it firms and smooths skin's texture.

Chamomile and Ginger Essential Oils – These ultra-soothing botanicals soothe and soothe skin, helping to reduce redness and irritation.

Panthenol: Vitamin B5, a skin conditioning nutrient that softens and smoothes.

How to use

Gently massage a small amount onto damp face and neck twice daily. Leave to act for 10 seconds. Rinse well with lukewarm water. Follow with scrub and/or treatment serum.

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