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Lip Boost

Lip Boost

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lip volume

The protective and rejuvenating blueberry flavored gloss provides immediate and long-term lip plumpness and coats lips with the strongest antioxidant available. Infuses B vitamins and firming peptides and protects lip skin from harmful environmental toxins that cause lip thinning, wrinkles, and loss of color.


•A healthy lip filler, with antioxidants and vitamins

•Provides instant and long-term lip volume

•Protects lips from environmental toxins.

Lipochroman® Antioxidant : High potency, the strongest antioxidant on the market, protects against the formation of carbon, oxygen and nitrogen free radicals (no other antioxidant protects against nitrogen free radicals) to improve the appearance of aging changes to the skin. skin, including wrinkles, uneven pigmentation, loss of elasticity, and redness of the skin.

The oxygen free radical fighting capabilities of Lipochroman® are the strongest on the market, with more than 11 times the strength of idebenone.* While other antioxidants do not protect against nitrogen free radicals, Lipochroman® is an antioxidant. triple action that protects the skin from sources of free radicals of carbon, oxygen and nitrogen, providing improved clinical improvement.

Chromabright® – Advanced fading ingredient that diminishes the appearance of uneven pigments and age spots while providing UVA rays. UVB and HEV protection. Chromabright® is 50% more effective at lightening skin than kojic acid.

Benzyl Nicotinate (a derivative of Niacin): Benzyl Nicotinate is an easy to use vasodilator (increases blood flow to the skin/lips). Women delight in achieving fuller, more colored lips without exposing themselves to pepper, cinnamon or other caustic ingredients commonly found in lip plumpers.

Marine Tripeptide Discs: Dehydrated microspheres of marine origin, activated by rubbing the lips to stimulate collagen and hyaluronic acid for a plumper, smoother lip contour.

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